When the weather turns horribly cold, we wear a coat, gloves, hat, and a scarf. We keep ourselves protected from the cold. Is your computer and network protected? These are the questions that you need to ask to make sure that you are.

  1. Does everyone in your organization have a secure password?
  2. Do you have a secure firewall?
  3. Are we safe against a cyber-crime or a cyber-attack?
  4. If we are breached, how do we recover our data?

These are some of the questions we, at Liberating Insight, can answer.

Does Everyone in our Organization Have a Secure Password?

Everything we have today seems to be password protected. A lot of people use the same password for everything, or at least something similar. As a company, you must stress to your employees that their password that secures your data and workstations be entirely unique. It cannot be used on their personal technology.

how to select a secure passwordWe have developed a “Password Checklist” to help you and your employees secure the company’s data.

  • Each staff member has a unique login
  • Passwords are not to be shared with others
  • Passwords must consist of:
    • Mixed Case Letters
    • Numbers
    • Special Characters such as     !#_.?/
  • User accounts are deactivated when the employee leaves the company.

Passwords can sometimes be hard to remember. There are a few ideas to help you remember them. The first example could be using the first letters of each word to make up your password, like a personal acronym. For example:

See Spot Run Five Miles could become SSrf(5)M

using letters, both capital and lower case, numbers, special symbols and a length of at least eight characters.

Another easy way to have a secure password is to come up with a phrase and use substitution. For example:

My house is white could become My,house1swh1te

using numbers in the place of some letters and symbols for some of the spaces.

Using these tips, it is simple to have a secure personal password that is easy to remember. This is only one step, but a step that you, as an employee, must take to keep your data and the data of your company safe and secure.