Founded in 2003, Liberating Insight LLC began by offering world class software development to small businesses in the greater Fort Wayne area.  Through the strength of our services and the generous referrals from our clients, Liberating Insight was able to grow organically until December of 2010. When having establishing itself has a trusted technology partner, a pair of clients asked us for assistance in solving implementation problems between boxed software they had purchased and their local infrastructure. This initial project quickly took off, and in January of 2011, the Information Technology department at Liberating Insight was established.


Our clients may come from various industries, such as manufacturing, transportation, education, health care and business services, but for each client, we strive to exceed their expectations, tailoring our solutions to meet their specific needs and serving as a trusted partner.

Director's Message
"It is extremely satisfying to help a client achieve their goals and bring what they thought was impossible within reach. Getting to celebrate with them as they roll out their new service or product is what makes our jobs so rewarding. And knowing that they had a partner supporting them is what keeps our clients coming back year after year. "
Brian Sorg
Director & Founder


We are also proud to be part of and support our local community. Serving as corporate sponsors for the Three Rivers Festival, the Fort Wayne Farmers Market, and the Heidbrink Scholarship Fund.