Worry Free Technology

Would you like to be worry free when it comes to business’ technology infrastructure? Then a Managed Service Plan may be the right fit for you.

A Managed Service Plan (MSP) is, simply put, fix rate pricing for your technology support. For you, it is piece of mind that your technology planning, implementation, maintenance and support will be taken care of without breaking the budget. On a managed service plan, you decide what elements of your IT you would like to have managed, and we take care of everything else with those elements for a single flat monthly rate. It then becomes our job to ensure that your IT infrastructure works efficiently and effectively, and if issues ever do come up, they fall on our shoulders to fix not YOURS!!

Managed Service Plans can be structured to fit your exact company needs, but the two most common forms are Fully Managed which functions as if you are Outsourcing your IT Department to Liberating Insight. The full plan gives you complete unlimited information technology support for any IT issue that may arise. The other common form is a maintenance only plan, where we perform software and OS updates, monitor antivirus installations and scan reports, review hard drive usage, and monitor network performance and availability.

  Managed Maintence Fully Managed
Os and Software Updates check mark green 25 check mark green 25
Network Monitoring check mark green 25 check mark green 25
Hard Drive Alerts and Maintenance check mark green 25 check mark green 25
Antivirus Scanning and Removal check mark green 25 check mark green 25
Software installation and Troubleshooting   check mark green 25
Network Configuration and Problem Resolution   check mark green 25
Implementation, installation and configuraiton of
new servers, computer, networking equipment and printers
  check mark green 25
 Disaster Recovery   check mark green 25
Help Desk Support   check mark green 25


Interested is getting the technology questions off of your plate and on to ours? Give us a call!!